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International Marketing

The Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. (IPI) is a part of The Ibn Sina Trust, Bangladesh, which offering quality healthcare services to the mankind in the form of highly sophisticated and well equipped Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Imaging Centers, Medical College and Quality Medicines at affordable price.

The Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. (IPI) is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical finished dosage form such as Tablet, Capsule, Injections (ampoules & vials), sachet, Liquid, Pediatric Drop, Powder for suspension, Cream, Ointment and Gel etc. The Manufacturing Plants are broadly divided into two parts, i.e. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant and Natural Medicine Manufacturing Plant. The manufacturing plant is equipped with dedicated Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), Product Development and Production Departments. The well qualified and experienced teams ensure the quality parameters of products at every stage starting from raw materials to finished products. IPI strongly believes in adopting latest technologies in the manufacturing process, thereby giving the customers the best quality products. This makes IPI’s products world class.

IPI, being aware of the global opportunities for pharma business, relentlessly bolsters its international presence by capacity building, quality products and superior services. The international business team of IPI is incessantly exploring the opportunities in the global market.