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NEW ARRIVAL: KleanHand: Stop Germ (WHO recommended Hand Rub formulation).

KleanHand: WHO recommended Hand Rub formulation

KleanHand, each 100 ml solution contains Isopropyl Alcohol BP 75 ml, Glycerol USP 1.45 ml & Hydrogen Peroxide BP 0.125 ml (WHO recommended Hand Rub formulation).

Take a convenient amount (approximately 3 ml) of the KleanHand Solution in the palm of your hand and rub it on both hands and wrist. It should be rubbed throughly until dry.

USE OF KleanHand:

• For the disinfection of clean and intact skin.

• For pre-operative surgical hand disinfection.

• After contact with surfaces in public areas.

• Hand disinfection on the ward prior to aseptic procedures.

• After handling contaminated materials.

• For disinfection of the patients skin prior to surgery or other invasive procedures.

• Before and after caring for an ill person.

• During trael.

Avaiable as…

KleanHand 50 ml: Each plastic bottle contains 50 ml solution.

KleanHand 250 ml: Each plastic bottle contains 250 ml solution.