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Sucraven IV Injection (iron Sucrose) - A prompt solution to IDA

Sucraven is a preparation of Iron Sucrose 100 mg per 5 ml injection. Iron Sucrose is a complex molecule of Iron & Sucrose. It is indicated for the treatment of Iron deficiency. Intravenous Iron Sucrose is more effective and well tolerated in comparison with oral Iron preparations and it is the treatment of choice for anemia due to Iron deficiency. Administration of Iron Sucrose replenishes tissue Iron stores, reverses Iron depletion and Iron-deficient erythropoiesis and corrects or prevents Iron deficiency anemia.  Each box Sucraven IV contains 1 amber ampoule  of 5 ml Iron Sucrose injection with one bottle of 100 ml Sodium Chloride 0.9% and 5 ml disposable syringe.